The Writer and the Editor: A Partnership

"Every piece of writing needs a second pair of eyes to make it everything it can be."

That's where I come in. My pair of eyes is trained to improve your writing.

Let me stress that: I am trained to improve YOUR writing. 

Your style, your voice and your uniqueness is what makes your blog yours and connects you with your audience.

I will preserve your isness and take it to the next level.

Proofreading and Editing: What Is the Difference?

Different writing requires different types of editorial involvement. It varies from simple corrections of typos and commas to creating new sentences to ensure continuity. 


Proofreading entails: 
  • basic sentence structure (run-on sentences, fragments, etc.)
  • punctuation
  • typos
  • word usage problems (their/they're, lets/let's, hear/here, etc.)
Cost: 5-6 cents per word, depending on how involved the work is.


Editing includes Proofreading, 
  • re-writing of phrases and sentences for clarity
  • word substitutions 
  • filling in content to preserve/improve logical flow
Cost: 6-10 cents per word, depending on how involved the work is.

Let's do some amazing work together!