The Secret of Successful Bloggers

Why Your Blog Is Not Shining and How It Can

You worked your butt off to get your blog going. You gave it everything you had - your passion, your knowledge, and your desire to help people. And you’ve even gained a loyal following.

You continue to give of yourself every day when you sit down in front of your computer, typing like a mad person, creating stellar content. You publish yet another enlightening post and wait for a meaningful conversation with your readers. And then the comments come—those smart-ass comments that ignore what you wrote and focus on how you wrote it.  
They tell you, "Ha! You typed sweat instead of sweet!" or "Great content, but your grammer is awe-ful," making fun of you.

Your heart sinks, and you just want to give up and never, ever, write another word EVER again. Or out of your need to cope, you dismiss these sharp-tongued commenters as ungrateful pea-brains, pretending their words don’t hurt you. But they do.

To top it off, you worry that your writing may be affecting your conversion rates. Do people get turned off when they trip up on a misspelled word? Do they get distracted when they puzzle over a misused phrase? The fact is they do. Any obstacle on a page will decrease your conversion rate, and poor grammar is one of those obstacles.

And then you start thinking...How do those other successful bloggers manage to avoid the wrath of the fussy readers? How come everyone on their blogs comments on the content, and not the delivery?

I'll tell you their secret.

They have people who stand on guard for their reputation as smooth writers. Those people hunt for all the missing commas, fix all the run-on sentences, and correct all the misspelled words.

How do I know that?

Because I am one of those invisible mighty helpers, who make others' blogs shine.

Just ask Neil Patel of Quick Sprout. And if you don't know who Neil Patel is, you should.

In truth, you are a great writer. You are great because you connect with people through your writing and you add value to their lives. The fact that you might not be the most technical writer can be fixed easily.

All you have to do is let my fingers dance through your well thought-out words to make your writing smooth and easy-flowing so that your readers are no longer distracted from the important message you have to share with them.

If you are not sure just how much of a positive impact an editor can make, let me show you.

I’ll edit a sample of your blog for FREE.

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